What exactly is Life Expectancy? (Life: Expect and See)

Though there are about a million things going on in one’s mind, the foremost topic that cracks your head and gets your brain into thinking is none other than COVID-19. Thinking about this is so important that it doesn’t matter the noodles you left on the stove are burning or you’re losing your educational quality or rather that a million people are affected.

Because all you expect from the Almighty as well as life is for this problem to be resolved. And this is exactly where you’re caught off guard since I believe EXPECTATIONS HURT. Now the fact that using rational quotes at a time like this is no way working leads for your creativity to have rather less value than someone’s life.

Surprisingly, Asia, one of the continents has 17 crore cases and it definitely gives you goosebumps that your country has 2.8 crore cases out of which 2.57 crore have been recovered and the total deaths are 3.29 lakhs. This might be the scenario for one out of every nine people. But for the other eight categories there are a way different thoughts.

This is what happens when you expect something from life and see for it to come true. Well, for me the very idea of expecting shit which I myself know that won’t last unless I take might and action is very clear.

Although medical science has proven that life expectancy is the ager period of time for which a person can be alive, I think life expectancy would’ve been a way better when it was for us not to expect anything and take on things which could be done by ourselves. This probably means nothing more or less than what you’ve ever thought of achieving along with the circumstances that come in your path.

And trust me, when you don’t know something the path to discover is amazing.

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